• bring climate neutrality and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) together!
  • address adaptation to & prevention from the human-caused rapid climate change
  • combat symptoms & causes of the global warming
  • bind more CO2eq
  • absorb more water & prevent flooding
  • store water for a long time in long dry periods
  • buffer and increase resilience

We are committed to make betterSoils (A-Z)

Emmanuel Dammy

Azadeh Farajpour

Amos Kabo-bah

Lara Kötter

Rudoviko Medison

Milca Medison

Marie Melnitzky-Ekhator

Kevin Mganga

Julia Schreck

What betterSoil has done so far

Developed the discussion paper for raising awareness and gaining attention
Translated the content of the discussion paper into 6-7 different languages, so far
Developed 4 principles based on scientific knowledge and evidence on how to practically make soils better
Developed an info-platform and translated the scientific content into 5 different languages, so far
Organized an online event on 25th of May 2021 with MEP Herbert Dorfmann and Dr. Franz Fischler
Organizing an event with Impact Festival on 17th of September 2021

What betterSoil's next steps are

  • Form pilot communities with farmers and our team around the world

  • Build bettersoil regional recipes for different climate conditions

  • Measure the recipes’ impacts on the ground

  • Optimize and refine the recipes based on our data and feedback from the communities

Match partners such as corporate and companies and target groups

Develop an illustrative booklet to graphically demonstrate the importance of betterSoils


Why betterSoils are needed

We destroy our livelihood

  • growing of world population, 10 billion people on the planet by end of the century
  • losing 10 million hectares of arable land and good soil every soil: losing 14 million football fields every year
  • soil degradation & decreasing soil quality as well as fertility
  • increasing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere
  • agriculture sector more than 25% of GHGs per year.
  • less humus and less nutrients in a quarter of the world’s land than 25 years ago.

Soils are hungry, as hungry as almost 700 million people on our planet.

How betterSoils can help

Bring back life to soil

But we stay optimistic and see that there is still space to act. We need to bring life back to soils and make them better. BetterSoils are able to make the food production more sustainable and to make agriculture less fragile and more resilient against extremes. Bettersoils help us lifting up global welfare and promoting the SDGs. Bettersoils can  make the world a better place for all. But that’s not all: Bettersoils remove greenhouse gases like CO2 from the air while protecting the climate. So better soils help to mitigate and to adapt to climate change.

Why now betterSoils

betterSoils bring two demands together

betterSoils bring climate neutrality and sustainability together and close the gap. BetterSoils remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere and accelerate fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Almost every second company in Germany wants to become climate-neutral in the near future.
  • About three quarters of companies that are aware of the UN Sustainable Development Goals give the SDGs a high or very high importance for their company.

To become better, soils need the support from the rich part of the society, from companies and corporate to impact investors and millionaires as well as billionaires.

Who can profit from betterSoils

~ 0 billion
people employed in agriculture (Statista 2021)
> 0 %
of our food produced on soils
> 400 milllion
farms worldwide (FAO 2014)

let's make the world better

by making the soils better!