Soil Treatment

What is soil treatment?

Any kind of handiwork with soil is considered soil management. But often you lose a lot of humus and microbiology in your soil. That’s why we call this section “soil treatment”. First, you must treat your depleted soil until it is healthy again. Applying compost and biochar to your soil is the first step for a betterSoil. Afterwards, you have to only protect your soil and maintain and enhance its performance.


Why is soil treatment important?

Soil management can either improve or harm your soil. So you have to be very careful when it comes to what method you manage your soil with. The goal of any betterSoil treatment is to support and balance diverse microbiology in your soil. After you have established good biology in your soil with compost and biochar, the most important thing you want is to prevent losing or removing this biology. Therefore, any treatment or management practice that disrupts the work of the microorganisms has to be avoided. There are proven treatments and management practices that support not only building up humus but also the corresponding microbiology. These practices have been implemented for decades by many farmers around the world.

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