What is Compost?

Compost is basically decomposed organic matter. Green waste like food scraps, leaves or farming leftovers are decomposed by worms and microorganisms over time. The product is ideally a dark brown soil with a crumbly structure, containing a balanced and lively biology of bacteria and other microorganisms. This end-product consists mainly of humus and is thus an ideal starting point for further humus build-up in a wide range of applications. Being it your own garden or big farms. 
It is just like a breeding ground for the healthy biology of a bettersoil. And the best part is: the only input is your own waste.

Why is compost important?

To achieve a bettersoil on your farm or in garden the right (micro-)biology is the key for consistent humus build up. Rich Compost contains this biology and can thus be used as a fertilizer, bringing the biology in your soil on track.

You can think of it as a vaccine for your soil. It contains a starting population of good microorganisms, which work continuously on creating more humus, binding CO2 and thus making your soil a betterSoil.

I am going to use compost on my


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large farm

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