What exactly is this bettersoil the whole world keeps talking about? 😉

A betterSoil is strong, fertile and full of life.

betterSoil is a reliable source of food for our (still) growing human population, it withstands the extreme weather conditions driven by climate change and it makes use of the biology in the ground, instead of working against it. 
The concept of a bettersoil is an integral and systemic approach, trying to see the whole without disregarding the necessary constituents. It connects economic profitability with sustainable practices, craftsmanlike expertise with respect for nature and scientific research with a globally oriented approach to combat climate change.

A bettersoil can be achieved all around the world with the help of four simple principles: Usage of compost, biochar, appropriate soil treatment and agroforestry. These principles lead to consistent und sustainable humus build-up with humus being the magic ingredient which unlocks the enormous potentials of a bettersoil. Humus is a natural store for water and nutrients and furthermore supports crops with a healthy biology of microorganisms. This not only increases crop yields, it also guards against extreme weather conditions and balances the soils mineral composition. 
It basically makes your soil a living and resilient organism, working for the greater good by generating more profit and food security.

However, the most surprising advantage of a bettersoil is the sequestration of atmospheric oxygenic carbon (CO2). Combining humus build up with the usage of biochar makes our soils an effective carbon sink and a potential game changer. A game changer in the fight against the climate crisis and for sustainable development in the global south at the same time. Sequestrating CO2 is worth real money as the growing market of voluntary greenhouse gas certificates shows. Therefore a bettersoil may fuel economic development in the global south, while conducting climate action and mitigation at the same time. This links global action to local effort. After all, a bettersoil can be created all over the world, by anybody.

You think this sounds idealistic and probably impossible to implement? Be our guest and explore our site! 
Our goals are to provide information and connect people, thereby supporting the transition to sustainable agricultural practices worldwide. We explain how the four fundamental principles can be applied to applications of different scale, from large farms to private gardens. We provide backing research, show pioneering examples and support the exchange in a community of pioneering experts, individuals and organisations. We want to enable anybody to start right away.

Join us on this adventure to make our soils great again – Let’s do it together, betterSoil for a better world!

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